Conference sections

Conference sections:

  • Marketing

(requirements management).

  • Management

(project management; resource management; quality management; integrated logistics support; organization and economic pre-operating phase).

  • Mechatronics

(applied mechanics; electronics and information technologies).

  • Technology

(innovation and technological problems of nanophysics; technologies of obtaining, joining and processing of constructional, functional and composite materials; goods assembly; renewal of operating condition and life extension (surface engineering); recycling; materials manufacturing using recyclable  materials.

  • Materials

(new constructional, functional and composite materials; nano-dimensional physics; physical properties of materials and coatings; goal oriented studies as to obtaining new materials; physical and chemical mechanics of materials.

  • Applied Software

(electronic documents management; structure and composition formation of products; configuration management; product design; engineer computations; manufacturing preparation; control program development for machine tools; modeling and analysis of goods production and mathematical methods of processes and material description.

  • Regulatory Support

(standardization, certification, metrological supervision, intellectual property).

The representatives of the higher educational institutions, local authorities, national and international research and design organization, business, specialists, scientists, interested parties, whose activity concerns the conference topics are invited to take part in the conference.

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