Format of Synopsis


(in the center of the page, in capital letters)


Authors family name and initials

(are typed in 1 space after synopsis heading in capital letters in the center of the page; scientific degree and shortened name of organization, city are typed after a coma)

The text of synopsis is not more than 1or 2 full pages (in 1 space after authors’ family name, begin a new line)


Reference: [1, 2, 3].

Table 1 – Table name

Figure 1 – Figure name

(in the center of the page, below the figure)


(begin a new line, in 1 space after synopsis)

  1. Structure and properties of coatings on Ni base deposited using a plasma jet before and after electron a beam irradiation / Pogrebnjak A. D. [et al.] // Vacuum. – 2007. – Т. 81. – №. 10. – С. 1243-1251.


The list of references are typed in the form of numbered list.


The text of synopsis is typed using Microsoft Word, page size is А5, page margins are 15 mm (top, bottom, left, right), Font size and type – 10-pt. Times New Roman, 1 line spacing, indent  is 10 mm. All non-textual objects are created with the help of Word built-in devices. Formulas are created with the help of Microsoft Еquatіоn 3.0.

The manuscript must satisfy the abovementioned requirements.

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